From: Exit Staff
Son of Dictator Enver Hoxha Condemns His Forced Eviction from His Home

The son of the late communist dictator Enver Hoxha has written an open letter to Prime Minister Edi Rama, the US and EU ambassadors, the Ombudsman and the Helsinki Committee after his home was demolished to make way for part of the New Ring road project.

In the letter, he claims he was happy to leave the apartment but was expecting notification of compensation or arrangements for him to be moved to a new one. He said he was also waiting for written notice of the date that they needed to vacate the property.

He claims that on 26 June, IKMT inspectors arrived with diggers to demolish the building. Calling the action “arbitrary”, he explained how he sent a text to the head of the IKMT asking for two extra days so they could remove their belongings.

IKMT employees then switched off the electric and forcibly removed them from the house, according to Hoxha. He said that many relics and materials relating to Enver Hoxha were left in the house. 

He accused the government of behaving like fascists and that he was surprised to see this from a left-wing government.

Hoxha then went on to explain how he feels his family is persecuted by the state. He said not only did IKMT evict them but they then allowed people from the street to loot what was left in the property.

He claimed he will seek legal redress for the crimes committed against him and his family.

Enver Hoxha ruled Albania for 41 years. During this time he killed and imprisoned as many as 100,000 Albanians. He forcibly evicted and seized the property of thousands more. Many families who lost loved ones still do not know where their bodies are buried. Furthermore, many that lost property and their livelihoods are still yet to be compensated. Those that were from persecuted families, say they still suffer the legacy of his regime today.