From: Exit News
Milot-Fier Road to Be Built via Concessionary Contract

The Milot-Fier road will be constructed and maintained via concessionary contract. On July 1, the Ministry of Infrastructure opened the international call for bids.

During the presentation of the project, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the winner of the tender will finance the €1.2 billion road. Whereas the government will offer a 10% of the investment guarantee,  in case the road does not attract enough traffic to meet the concessionary company’s expectations. 

The road will be 115 km long, of which 53 km will be newly constructed, and the remaining 62 km will be reconstruction of the existing road.

The road will include tunnels, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, and toll booths.

To pass through this road, citizens will pay a toll of €0.075 per kilometer, which amounts to €8.7 for a one-way trip, and €17.4 for a round trip. The toll for this road will be higher than that of the Rruga e Kombit highway.

Currently, a 4-person pays a €5 toll to pass through the Rruga e Kombit highway. 

Following the construction of this road, going from Milot to Fier will take 75 minutes, whereas the entire journey from Morina in Vlora will be shortened by 3 hours.

The Milot-Fiet road is part of the Blue Corridor that connects South Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania to Greece, in the region where considerable traffic circulates during the tourist season.