Rama Slams Vucic: No Way You Can Negotiate with ‘the West’ regarding Albanians

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has suggested that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s statements regarding the dialogue with Kosovo should be viewed from Serbia’s interest, and that he is not surprised by them.

Vucic recently said that Serbia is negotiating on Kosovo with the West, not with Albanians, and that Serbia would never recognize Kosovo.

During a press conference with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti in Tirana today, Rama was asked for comments on Vucic’s statement.

He replied that Albanians shouldn’t expect Vucic to speak differently because he defends his country’s interests: “This is a chess game, it’s not boxing,” he said.

It’s up to Vucic to “say that he won’t negotiate with Albanians, that he will negotiate with the West, but there is no way he can negotiate with the West regarding Albanians,” Rama continued.

He urged political parties in Kosovo to come together regarding the dialogue and the issue of indictments for war crimes.

Rama assured Kosovo that Albania will support its challenges unequivocally. He suggested that Serbia will have to negotiate with Albania as well regarding issues with Kosovo.

“Serbia’s President could go west, he could go east, he could go to the moon if he pleases. In the end, he will sit with us, i.e. with the legitimate authorities of the sovereign state of Kosovo – which is sovereign and untouchable in its sovereignty, whether he recognizes this or not – and naturally with us in Tirana, who will support Prishtina’s authorities and its leadership until the end,” Rama stated.

The Albanian premier urged Kosovo authorities to face challenges with Serbia in an open and direct manner through diplomatic and peaceful means.

Kosovo’s Hoti added that they are now preparing to sit in talks with Serbia that would result in mutual recognition, instead of a dialogue to normalize relations as it has been for many years now.