From: Exit News
Fugitive Former Vora Mayor Arrested

Former Vora mayor Agim Kajmaku was arrested by the Tirana police on July 6, after 6 months on the run.

It seems that Kajmaku visited a private hospital in Tirana in an aggravated condition as he suffered from diabetes and other heart conditions. The medical staff alerted the police of Kajmaku’s whereabouts.

Kajmaku had been on the run since November 2019. Kajmaku stands accused of lying about his criminal past on his decriminalization form and forging the Mayor’s office official seal, documents, and execution of office after his issuance

The Tirana court ruled in absentia that he would await trial in jail. This ruling was confirmed by the Appeals Court. Dozens of police operations intended to arrest him failed.

However, in March of 2020 Exit News posted a picture of Agim Kajmaku circulating freely in Tirana and Vora. He was also seen walking along one of Tirana’s main streets, just 500m from a Police Directorate.

Find a brief timeline of the Kajmaku case below.

August 5, 2019 – Socialist Party candidate Agim Kajmaku is sworn in as Vora mayor.

August 22 – the Democratic Party accuses Kajmaku of having concealed a criminal prosecution against him for money forgery in Greece.

August 29 – the Democratic Party releases documents that confirm their claims.

September 13 – the Ioannina Court finds Kajmaku innocent of money forgery.

October 28 – an Albanian Prosecution Office confirms the Democratic Party’s claims regarding Kajmaku.

November 1 – the Central Electoral Committee (KQZ) dismisses Kajmaku for violating the decriminalization law.

November 6 – Kajmaku is reported for forging documentation in relation with dismissing his former deputies.

November 11 – the Prosecution Office releases an arrest warrant for Kajmaku. After being unable to locate him, the police officially declared he was on the run.

November 12 – the Tirana Court orders Kajmaku’s detention in absentia.

November 16 – Kajmaku appeals the ruling.

November 21 – the Appeals Court upholds the initial ruling.

On January 17, the Tirana Prosecution Office concluded its investigation into former mayor Kajmaku, and sent the case file to court.