From: Exit News
Government Makes Available Earthquake Reconstruction Funds for Three Municipalities

The government has approved the use of two funds intended to aid reconstruction efforts following the November earthquake.

About €2.5 million will be used to repair private residences and apartment buildings in the Mirdita, Vora, and Rrogozhina municipalities.

This will benefit citizens who are eligible for reconstruction grants, that is, those whose houses have received damage, but not to a point where they would have to rebuild them all over again.

At the same time, an approximate €1 million amount will be awarded to the Albanian Road Authority. These are state budget funds intended to be used for the reconstruction of the Tapiza Bridge.

According to the government’s Normative Act, the fund will be made available for use to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the amount left over after procurement procedures are concluded will be returned to the reconstruction fund.