US Envoy Requests EU to Prioritize Kosovo-Serbia Deals He Facilitated

US envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Richard Grenell has expressed his hope that the European Union will make the implementation of three agreements he facilitated a top priority when the dialogue resumes this week.

Speaking to Kosovo portal Gazeta Express, Grenell commended the European Union’s work to resume the dialogue.

“We hope the Europeans will make implementing the air, rail and motor agreements previously agreed upon a top priority. We believe these agreements are key to creating jobs and giving hope to young people in the region,” Grenell said.

“We are pleased to offer our total support and are grateful for their leadership,” he added.

Grenell repeated his call for the EU to liberalize Schengen area visas for Kosovo.

The US envoy emphasized that the US never focused on a quick fix but believed that long-term progress in political issues depended on progress in economic issues.

EU-led Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is expected to resume this week. It comes after a White House summit between Kosovo and Serbia’s presidents was postponed due to the publication of a war crime indictment against President Hashim Thaci.