From: Exit News
Appeals Court Releases Fugitive Former Vora Mayor

The Appeals Court has ruled that fugitive former Vora mayor Agim Kajmaku will not be required to await trial in jail. Kajmaku’s pre-trial security measure was reduced to “obligation to appear in court.”

The reduced security measure came at the request of the case prosecutor, Arta Marku, who argued that Kajmaku is suffering poor health.

Kajmaku was arrested on July 6, after being on the run since November 11, 2019. He stands accused of lying about his criminal past on his decriminalization form and forging the Mayor’s office official seal, documents, and execution of office after his issuance.

On November 12, the Tirana court ruled in absentia that he would await trial in jail. This ruling was upheld by the Appeals Court on November 21. Dozens of police operations intended to arrest Kajmaku failed.

However, in March of 2020 Exit News posted a picture of Agim Kajmaku circulating freely in Tirana and Vora. He was also seen walking along one of Tirana’s main streets, just 500m from a Police Directorate.