Kosovo Serbs to Follow Vucic’s Curfew Order, Says Coalition Partner ‘Serb List’

The Serb List, a Kosovo political party representing Serbian ethnic minority, has supported Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s curfew measures and has vowed to locally implement them in Kosovo. They also vowed to support Vucic in the “fight” for Kosovo during the dialogue.

The party controlled by Belgrade is part of the Kosovo government voted in with the minimum 61 votes in the 120-seat parliament. 10 of the 61 votes came from the Serb List.

“Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija will consistently adhere to all epidemiological measures prescribed by the Serbian Government and support President Vucic in the upcoming political and diplomatic fight for Kosovo and Metohija,” an announcement on the party’s Facebook account read on Tuesday.

The Serbian List leads 2 of the 16 ministries of Avdullah Hoti’s government. Its leader Goran Rakic is deputy prime minister.

The Serbian government announced it will implement curfew measures in Serbia due to the spread of coronavirus.

Tanjug reported that Vucic told journalists today that the situation in North of Kosovo, where most Kosovo Serbs live, is more than difficult. He added that local authorities there will implement measures of the Serbian government, Koha reported.Vucic said that the summer and autumn will be difficult for Serbia amidst pressure by the international community regarding the dialogue with Kosovo. He called for unity and support of his government in the process.