From: Exit News
5 Cases of Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Past Two Days

In the past two days, 5 men were arrested for sexual crimes and domestic abuse in Albania.

A 56-year old from Durrës was arrested on July 8, under charges of sexually abusing two minors, respectively 9 and 13 years old.

Meanwhile, on July 9, a 23-year-old from Kamza was arrested under suspicion of having sexually abused his cousin.

On July 8 and 9, three men, one from Durrës and two from Bulqiza, were arrested for domestic abuse.

A few weeks ago, a 48-year-old from Berat was arrested for sexually abusing a 5-year old.

In early June, hundreds protested against sexual violence in Tirana and demanded harsher penalties for rapists, as well as a public national sex offender registry.