Opposition Accuses Government, Judiciary of ‘Mafia Scenario’ in Arresting, Releasing Fugitive Mayor

The Democratic Party (PD) has accused the Albanian government and justice system of arranging “a mafia scenario” to arrest and release the fugitive former Socialist mayor Agim Kajmaku.

“A mafia scenario was implemented in the last 24 hours by the government and justice [system] to release Agim Kajmak of Vora,” PD Secretary General Gazment Bardhi wrote on social media.

Bardhi went on to allege that the arrest and the next day release of Kajmaku were calculated events, as well as the Albanian police’s reluctance to arrest him before.

He accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of granting €160 thousand in public works to Kajmaku while he was a fugitive. Part of this accusation is possibly related to a public tender won by a company owned by Kajmaku’s wife.

Bardhi gave no further evidence regarding his allegations for a collusion between the government and the judiciary to release Kajmaku.

The Appeals Court released former Vora mayor Agim Kajmaku due to his poor health, at the request of case prosecutor Arta Marku (also former General Prosecutor), a few hours after his arrest. Kajmaku will not be required to await trial in jail.