From: Exit News
Albania Coronavirus Update 11 July: 89 Deaths, 1881 Recovered, 93 New Cases, 1401 Active Cases, 3371 Total Cases

93 new cases of COVID-19 have been found in Albania during the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic to 3371.

This is the largest number of infected cases in one day since the beginning of the pandemic.

A 68-year old from Durrës, a 65-year old from Tirana, a 63-year old from Elbasan, and a 71-year old from Shkodra succumbed to the virus bringing the total number of victims to 89.

The new cases were found in Tirana (62), Shkodra (6), Gjirokastra (4), Durres (3), Puka (3), Korca (2), Mirdita (2), Tropoja (2), Malesi e Madhe (2), Kruja (1), Fier (1), Lezha (1), Kavaja (1), Rrogozhina (1), Berat (1), and Tepelena (1).

The infected include people who have had contact with previously diagnosed cases, but also new ones into whom epidemiological investigations continue.

1881 people have recovered.

Around 31,000 people have been tested since March.

There are currently 72 patients hospitalized with the virus, 8 are in intensive care, four are intubated in aggravated condition.

1401 cases are still active in the country mainly in Tirana, Shkodra, Kruja and Durres.


In case you notice symptoms of the virus, call the National Emergency number 127.

Citizens can also call the Green Line at 0800 40 40 for psychological counselling or any information regarding COVID-19.