From: Exit News
Commission to Decide on Impeachment of Albanian President Scheduled to Meet Today

The Commission of Inquiry into the dismissal of President Meta will convene today, after more than three months of hiatus.

The meeting will discuss the opinion of the Venice Commission on the appointment of members to the Constitutional Court, which found in favour of President Meta.

It is not known whether the Socialist majority is still determined to remove the President from his position. Earlier, the head of the Commission of Inquiry, Ulsi Manja, stated in a softened tone that ´there is an institutional reflection of the parties to unlock the Constitutional Court as one of the criteria for EU.´

However, the commission is expected to discuss the violations that the socialist majority claims that President Meta has made with the decree for the annulment of the June 30, 2019 elections.

The commission of inquiry was approved on July 8, 2019, with a term of 3 months, but then this deadline was postponed several times.

The Commission accuses Meta of violating the Constitution due to the annulment of the decree setting June 30 as the date for the local elections and the decree of Marsida Xhaferllari as a member of the Constitutional Court.

The Venice Commission previously stated that while Meta may have acted outside of his competencies by attempting to postpone the election, this was not necessarily grounds for impeachment.

The commission consists of 5 deputies of the socialist majority (Hyseni, Fino, Bushka, Manja, Hysi) and 4 deputies of the opposition (Alimadhi, Zeneli, Valteri, Rryçi).