Serbian President Informs Russian Ambassador on Dialogue with Kosovo

President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia informed Russian Ambassador Aleksandar Bocan-Kharchenko on the resumption of dialogue with Kosovo.

One day after the EU-facilitated video conference on resuming the dialogue, Vučić announced that he met Bocan-Kharchenko in his office.

The discussion focused on Kosovo and the dialogue, besides Vučić expressing his gratitude for his last visit in Moscow, and strengthening bilateral cooperation.

On Sunday, Kosovo and Serbia leaders held a video conference on the resumption of dialogue, facilitated by the European Union. They will meet in person in Brussels on July 16.

A previous summit planned to be held at the White House was postponed after a war crime indictment against Kosovo President Hashim Thaci was made public.

Vučić visited Moscow and got Putin’s advice regarding Kosovo, and also welcomed Russian foreign minister in Belgrade before the planned White House summit and general elections in the country.

Russia is Serbia’s close ally and its strongest supporter against recognition of Kosovo in the UN Security Council, followed by China.