Opposition’s ‘Provocations’ Put Approval of Electoral Reform at Risk, Warns Rama

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned the opposition to stop their presumed “provocations” and “slanders” against the majority, otherwise the agreed electoral reform would risk not being approved in parliament.

Earlier today, the opposition slammed the majority’s decision to change the Constitution in order to accommodate the parliamentary opposition’s request to open lists of MP candidates in elections.

The extra-parliamentary opposition claims this is a violation of the electoral deal reached with the majority through the facilitation of the EU and US. Rama has rebuked the claim.

President Meta also called on the majority to stop the initiative.

“I would like to remind the extra-parlamentaries of the deal we have which we will implement in details, however this does not mean that slanders and provocations don’t put it at risk…” Rama tweeted.

Rama said that open lists for MP candidates “will be good for the country,” and that opposition parties and the president will still be able to form coalitions.