From: Exit News
Plied with Drugs, Sexually Abused, and Prostituted for 8 Months- Minor Girl Gives Her Testimony

A minor girl who alleges she was plied with drugs and sexually abused by a group of men has given her testimony under the condition of anonymity to News24. Following the girl’s denunciation of the crimes to the police last week, a package of TNT was sent to her home.

“I have been sexually abused since I was 16 years old.  They gave me drugs and forced me to have sex with them. I was often physically abused. I have taken hashish before. On my 16th birthday, a guy gave me cocaine. It made me not responsible for my actions”,” she said.

She also told the journalist that she was exploited as a prostitute for eight months. Allegedly she was given drugs prior to being forced into having sex. The girl said that the men took advantage of the fact her father was in prison. She also said they tried to traffic her to Greece.

“I was often threatened with sexual abuse and the trafficking of my sisters if I denounced them,” she said.

The young woman also appealed to other youngsters, not to fall into the same situation.

“I appeal to all my peers not to trust anyone, but only family members. Only they want the best,” she said.

She had previously denounced four men for sexual abuse, cultivating drugs, and trafficking. Following her report to the police, explosives were left at her home. Her family called the police and the package was deactivated. The police have since identified the individual that placed the package at the property and have declared him wanted.

The father of the girl has asked the state to provide his family with protection.

“I fell threatened. I want the state to protect my children’s lives…they are afraid to stay home. My daughter was tortured for months. Let the state do justice,” he said.

Four men have been arrested in connection with the case and a further two are wanted by the police.