From: Alice Taylor
EU Spokesperson Pisonero Reiterates Electoral Reform Necessary Condition for Albanian First Intergovernmental Conference

Anna Pisonero, the spokesperson for Enlargement, Neighbourhood, and International Partnerships in the European Council has spoken of the necessity to fulfil OSCE/ODHIR recommendations in terms of Albania’s electoral reform.

In a Tweet, Pisonero said that fulfilling these recommendations is a condition set by the Council in March and should be met prior to the first Intergovernmental Conference.

Any additional legislative changes she said, should not jeopardize the primary goal.

Yesterday, EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca said that “electoral reform is a key condition for starting accession negotiations.” He added that without fulfilling it, Albania cannot start the first Intergovernmental Conference.

The Ambassador also noted that the so-called constitutional reforms proposed, fall outside of the OSCE/ODHIR recommendations.