From: Exit News
Half of Albanians Don’t Believe Albania Is Ready to Join EU

Over 85% of Albanians view joining the European Union favorably, saying that they would vote for it if a referendum were to take place. Joining the EU is perceived as a way to better their living standard, raise employment levels, and suppress poverty and corruption.

A survey conducted by the Albania Institute for International Studies after the EU decided to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia revealed that most Albanians think that the Albanian government must take the lion’s share of responsibility in the integration process.

However, half of those surveyed said that Albania is not yet ready to join the EU, and that the latter should not invite Albania to become a member yet.

Over 45% of Albanians think that Albania will enter the EU within five years, whereas 30% believe that achieving membership will take 10 years instead.

80% of Albanians say that they are familiar with the conditions the country must meet before access negotiations begin and believe that meeting them will take 1-3 years.