From: Exit Staff
Albanians Should Be Accepted as Equal Human Beings to Serbs, Says Bosnian Serb MP 

Albanians should be accepted as equal human beings to Serbs, has stated Srđan Mazalica, MP of Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MP Mazalica responded to a tweet showing an alleged photo of Prince Paul of Yugoslavia in Albanian national costume, which also noted that one theory maintains that the royal family’s origin was Albanian.

Following backlash from Twitter users for mentioning the prince’s possible Albanian origin, the author of the original tweet wrote “Is it so hard to accept Albanians as equal human beings?”

MP Mazalica replied that “Albanians should be accepted as equal human beings, but they differ very much from us [Serbs]”. He attached a pic of his alleged DNA test, claiming that it showed the genetic distance from several ethnic groups, including Albanians.

Many users, including Balkan expert Florian Bieber,  called him out, noting that the tweet amounted to a racist dog-whistle.

MP Mazalica is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration and Regional Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska.