From: Bledar Qalliu
‘For Every Serb Killed, We Will Kill 100 Muslims’ – Kurti Recalls Vucic’s Words after Srebrenica Genocide

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti has blasted Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for his statement 25 years ago in the Serbian Parliament, only 9 days after the Srebrenica Genocide committed by Serbian forces.

 “9 days ago, we remembered Srebrenica Genocide, and today we recall the horrific statement by Aleksandar Vucic, former minister of Milosevic, now Serbia’s president who said, “for every Serb killed, we will kill 100 Muslims”. We must call evil by its name,” Kurti wrote on Twitter.

Following the brutal murder of 8,372 Muslim Bosniaks in Srebrenica within less than two weeks, and the mounting international pressure, Vucic was among those who successfully threatened the international community not to retaliate against Serbia.

While the horrific genocide was on its ninth day, on 20 July 1995, a defiant Vucic told the world:

“Come and bomb us, kill one Serb and we will kill 100 Muslims. And then we will see whether the international community dares to attack Serb positions and treat the Serb people this way.”

The international community reacted only four years later, when Vucic was the Minister of Information for the same genocidal regime of Slobodan Milosevic, this time to avoid another possible genocide of similar proportions in Kosovo. NATO bombed selected Serbian targets to give an end to the Serbian government’s strategic murders, ethnic cleansing, rapes of Kosovo people.

Vucic has neither apologized for his statement in the Serbian parliament, nor has he shown remorse.

He started his political career as a member and then MP of the Serbian Radical Party, a far-right Serbian nationalist party aiming at creating a Greater Serbia at the expense of neighboring countries.

Vucic then held the key position of Minister of Information in the genocidal Serbian regime under Milosevic during massacres in Kosovo, including the Recak Massacre, in which Serbian forces murdered 45 Albanian civilians. The massacre prompted the NATO bombing.

Following the demise of Milosevic, he became Minister of Defense, then Prime Minister and President of Serbia.

Vucic is now leading Serbia in the dialogue with Kosovo. He has worked for a long time for a land swap deal which appears to have been excluded from the dialogue agenda for the time being.

He denies the Recak massacre ever took place. “It was all fabricated by that global fraudster, scammer and swindler, Walker,” he has stated.

Lista Srpska MPs, a Kosovo political party of ethnic Serbs controlled by Vucic, left the Parliament when it held a minute of silence on the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide.