From: Exit Staff
Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre Sends Questions to EU and US Ambassador

The Alliance for the Protection of the Theatre has asked the Ambassador of the European Delegation Luigi Soreca and the US Ambassador Yuri Kim for information regarding the six complaints they filed in SPAK, relating to the demolition of the National Theatre. 

In a press release, Edmond Budina expressed distrust of Ambassador Soreca but sent the request because the EU supports justice reform.

“I want to tell you that justice reform must continue, yes, but it must yield results. And therefore must start from the theatre. I personally do not trust you, Mr Soreca, because you give lukewarm statements, but I respect the institution you represent”, said Budina.

Budina asked US Ambassador Yuri Kim to clarify her position on the demolition of the theatre:

“The American ambassador, Kim met with Rama the day before the demolition of the theatre and in the perception of public opinion, it was hinted that she agrees with the demolition of the theatre, or let’s say that she gave approval to the prime minister. “I do not believe it was so, but the ambassador should perhaps clarify any misunderstandings.”

This request was previously sent to both the SPAK and the US Embassy.