From: Exit Staff
Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Officially Charges Vetting Judge for Falsifying Documents

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) in Albania has officially brought charges against vetting judge Luan Daci for falsifying documents.

Trusted sources told Exit News that prosecutors have completed an investigation into Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) Judge Daci, whom they charged with forging documents after he concealed his dismissal as a judge in 1997, and have notified the KPA of the matter.

Daci was reported to SPAK by Besnik Cani, former member of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP). Cani accuses Daci of hiding a decision of the High Judicial Council to remove him from office for legal violations and incompetence.

Judge Daci hid this dismissal during his interview with the ad hoc parliamentary committee before joining vetting institutions, and instead claimed that he had resigned.

The SPAK requested to suspend Daci from office while they were investigating him for falsifying documents.

On May 20, the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Court accepted the SPAK’s request and suspended Judge Daci, but on June 5, the appeals court reinstated him.

Daci’s case is now awaiting trial before the High Court following an appeal by the SPAK.

The KPA decided that Daci should continue to vet judges and prosecutors despite the ongoing investigation and trial against him.