From: Alice Taylor
White Storks in Fier Welcome 10 Chicks

Two families of White Storks in Fier have welcomed the addition of 10 chicks to their families.

The news was confirmed by experts and local caretakers from the Albanian Ornithological Society.

In a Facebook post, they said that the chicks are doing well and they are estimated to be around 35-40 days old. They cannot fly at the moment so are reliant on their parents to find and bring food to them. AOS said it will be another month or so before they are more independent and can start looking for their own food.

During this time, they will also change in appearance, starting to look more like adult storks.

The presence of these nests in Fier and the overall health and productivity of the pairs suggests the environment is suitable for these birds. Despite this, the AOS said that as a species they are still at risk from threats such as electrocution from power lines, human disturbance, and the chicks falling from the nests.

The AOS has taken measures to lessen these risks including adding nesting platforms where the nests are located and supervision from volunteers and caretakers.

Those involved remain hopeful that this joint initiative and efforts, including with local energy transmission companies, will result in a higher number of breeding White Storks both in Fier and throughout Albania.

The White Stork is a large white bird with black feathers on the wings. It measures around 110-115 cm from beak to tail and is a long-distance migrating bird that migrates between Europe and Africa. The bird is carnivorous and feeds on insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and birds.