From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Prime Minister Grilled in Parliament over Dialogue with Serbia 

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti was grilled in parliament over his platform, team and objectives in the dialogue with Serbia.

On Friday, during his report in the dialogue, Hoti told the parliament his platform relied on two principles: no negotiations over Kosovo’s territorial integrity and it’s constitutional order.   

He praised the government for giving an end to discussions over land swaps with Serbia, as well as for breaking Kosovo’s alleged international isolation and mending ties with the US and EU.

Hoti promised transparency over the dialogue.

Opposition MPs accused the government of having no strategy, no team and no plan how to reach objectives in the dialogue. As a result, PDK MP Uran Ismaili claimed, the parliament could not analyze the government’s work.

He also accused Hoti of telling the parliament only his side of the story, namely only what Kosovo presented in the dialogue, but not what Serbia put forward. He added that they had to wait for EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak statements to understand Serbia’s position.

Hoti defended himself saying that he wouldn’t speak in Kosovo’s parliament about Serbia’s position in the dialogue but added that the two sides have “extreme positions”. He reiterated that Kosovo is there to get recognition from Serbia.

The Prime Minister also replied to an issue raised earlier by AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj, who criticized him for not including the Minister of Justice in his team. Hoti said the format of meeting allowed only for the country’s leader and one assistant.

LVV MP Rexhep Selimi was interested to know whether land swaps or border demarcation was discussed during Hoti’s meeting with Vucic in Brussels, to which Hoti didn’t seem to give a definite answer, but assured that the topic was now out of the agenda.

Hajrullah Çeku of LVV asked the Prime Minister at what price he was ready to get Serbia’s recognition within the current borders.

Hoti avoided a direct answer but stressed that his government’s only objective was recognition within Kosovo’s current borders.