From: Exit News
Vetting Body Sends Head of Mat Court Back to Magistrate School

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) has suspended vetting for the head of the Mat Court, Artan Cupi, sending the latter back to the School of Magistrates for a year.

Once that year is over, KPK will resume Cupi’s vetting.

The ruling was taken by the vetting body made of Genta Tafa (Bungo), Etleda Çiftja and Pamela Qirko.

KPK argued that in Cupi’s case it had found issues with all three vetting criteria: wealth, figure, and professionalism.

This is the first KPK ruling of this kind, that would suspend vetting while a magistrate attends the School of Magistrates for a year. Previously, KPK sent Shkodra Appeals prosecutor Elvin Gokaj back to magistrate school after he was vetted.

It remains unclear on what legal grounds the KPK based its ruling. The law provides that KPK can send a judge or prosecutor back to the School of Magistrates after their vetting process has concluded. A suspension of the vetting process, however, is not foreseen by any legislation.