From: Exit Staff
KLP Reacts to Harsh Criticism Over Luan Daci Case by IOM Member

The High Council of the Prosecution (KLP) has reacted officially to the criticism of Theo Jacobs, an IOM member, for the investigations conducted by SPAK prosecutors against KPA judge Luan Daci.

Jacobs criticised the SPAK prosecutors and the quality of the investigation into the Daci case by calling them “incomplete and conducted by prosecutors that should not have been there.”

Daci was suspended last week after SPAK charged him after he hid his former dismissal from a judicial post, something that should have precluded him from holding the position as the highest vetting institution judge.

The HJC called these statements detrimental to the success of the work of SPAK prosecutors.

“Public statements (even personal ones) that question the integrity and/or professionalism of prosecutors are reprehensible as our legal system provides appropriate tools and procedures for dealing with any allegations related to the professionalism and integrity of prosecutors,” the KLP wrote in a press release.

KLP reminded that “any claim of this kind can be handled in the manner provided by law and in the institutions provided by law”.

Otherwise, according to the KLP, “any discussion is destined to be just an opinion that only unfairly damages the image, even so fragile, of the new justice institutions”.

KLP also clarified that every SPAK prosecutor has passed the vetting and is periodically checked by the Council.

“We recall that despite our in-depth verifications, the conditions for all candidates was the successful passing of the vetting test. All prosecutors serving in the SPAK today have passed this test. It is the duty of the Council to continuously ensure the guarantee of professional and ethical standards of SPAK prosecutors ”.

The HJC clarified that the process of selecting SPAK prosecutors lasted 9 months and was transparent.

“In an effort to select the best prosecutors, we conducted a highly demanding and transparent process which lasted a full 9 months. In the framework of that process, we verified in detail the professionalism and integrity of all candidates “, writes KLP.