From: Exit News
Kosovo, Serbia Discuss Displaced Persons and Economy 

Kosovo and Serbia discussed the issues of displaced persons and economy in their second meeting at experts level in Brussels on Thursday.

The topics were reportedly revealed by Peter Stano, EU’s Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

He stated that an agreement between the two countries will be reached after they have agreed all outstanding issues.

Kosovo’s head of delegation Skender Hyseni refused to reveal to the press the topics discussed but said they were working towards a comprehensive agreement for the normalization of relations. Such agreement, according to him, would also imply that Serbia recognizes Kosovo. 

“We are negotiating elements of a general agreement which in the end will be legally binding internationally and should definitely result in the normalization of reciprocal relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which inevitably implies mutual recognition,” he told journalists.

Serbia representative Marko Djuric said he had refused to receive from his counterpart “some letter regarding alleged violations of the CEFTA agreement” by Serbia.  

The EU envoy and dialogue facilitator, Miroslav Lajcak said an important step was made today toward a final agreement:

Kosovo and Serbia resumed the EU-led dialogue on 12 July, after 20 months of hiatus. Political leaders met in Brussels four days later. They appointed teams to advance “political talks at expert level”.