From: Alice Taylor
COVID-19 Patient Caught Violating Quarantine Fined 700,000 ALL

A woman diagnosed with COVID-19 in Berat has been fined 700,000 ALL (EUR 5,588) for violating quarantine. 

The 37-year-old was supposed to be at home self-quarantining after being diagnosed with the virus. The police discovered that she had left the apartment, violating these rules, and was a risk of infection to others.

Pursuant to the Normative Act passed to regulate these matters, the Berat Police imposed a fine of 700,000 ALL on her.

Police throughout the country are conducting successive checks on individuals self-quarantining at home who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. At different times of the day and night, police conduct spot checks of their homes.The police call on affected persons to strictly respect the rules of self-quarantine, to respect social distancing and hygiene measures.