From: Exit Staff
IOM Criticises KPC for Passing Responsibility in Administrative Investigations

The International Monitoring Operation criticized the Independent Qualification Commission for sending cases for inspection to the High Inspector of Justice.

According to one opinion, the IOM considers this practice as an excuse not to dismiss judges and prosecutors “who result in problems during the administrative investigation.”

ONM argued:

“A constitutionally oriented interpretation of this article should be based on a fair legal process, which will prevent the KPC from transferring matters to the “competent disciplinary inspection body” when matters have or may have a material impact on a re-evaluation process, when these issues may constitute grounds for dismissal. “

This opinion was given in connection with the re-evaluation of Administrative Appeals Judge Alkelina Gazidede. The IOM demanded that Gazidede be fired for problems with wealth and professional skills.

The KPC confirmed the Administrative Appellate Judge in office despite these issues.