From: Alice Taylor
Forest Fires Rage Across Albania as Temperatures Continue to Rise

Another forest fire has been found near the village of Siman in Gramsh. The pine forest has been burning since the evening of 2 August and has not yet been extinguished. Firefighters say that due to the terrain it is hard to access.

The forest is also on fire near the village of Molung in Qafte Thanes Gorge near Rubik. Here there has also been no intervention to extinguish the flames. 

Fires have also been reported in Tepelene between Lekel and Hormove as well as a total of four in the mountainous area around Zhulak, Gjirokaster. Dozens of hectares have been destroyed in the area around the village and police have arrested several individuals under suspicion of arson.

On Saturday, a large fire broke out in the Suli forest near Devoll and fires have been burning in Lezhe and Mirdita County for over two weeks.

Albania has experienced a drier winter, spring, and summer than usual which could have contributed to the fires.

Dom Gjergi Meta, the Bishop of Rreshen reacted to the fires on Facebook lamenting the destruction of animals, vegetation and the diverse life that is within Albania’s forests.