From: Alice Taylor
Positive Increase in Number of Hotels, Tourist Accommodation, and Campsites in 2019

INSTAT has published the results of its Tourism Survey, looking at types of accommodation in Albania.

In 2019, there was a 6% increase in the number of hotels, guest houses, and campsites throughout the country. In addition to this, the number of bedrooms available increased by 10% and the number of beds by almost 12%.

Visitors staying in tourist accommodation had increased by 0.9% on the previous year and the number of nights they stayed increased by almost 6%. The occupancy rate across all kinds of accommodation in Albania for 2019 was 26.5%, an increase of almost 10% on the year before.

In terms of the most popular areas to stay, coastal areas near the sea accounted for over 58% of visitors. The south saw 33.8% of all touristic visits during the year. 

In 2019, there was recorded a total of 1126 hotels, 208 holiday or short-stay accommodations, and 71 campsites. The number of hotels increased by 25 locations, campsites almost doubled, but other types of accommodation decreased by around 60 unites. There are a total of 33,798 hotel rooms in Albania, followed by 3067 in other forms of accommodation, and 629 camping spots. This equates to almost 78,000-bed spaces in hotels, nearly 10,000 in other accommodation, and 1399 campsite sleeping spots.

In terms of where tourists came from, 42% were from various international countries and 27.5% were from Kosovo. 10.9% were Italian, 9.1% Polish, 5.1% German, and 5.1% North Macedonian.

The typical tourist in 2019 arrived in Albania via the central or southern region, stayed in a non-coastal area, and preferred hotels.