From: Alice Taylor
Two Police Officers Arrested After Prisoner Hangs Himself in Durres

The Albanian CIA has prosecuted two police officers in Durres for “abuse of duty” after an individual arrested for domestic violence, killed himself in custody.’

On the evening of 1 August, police found that suspect in one of the custody rooms in DVP Durres. The 52-year-old man had been arrested for domestic violence after family members called 112, asking for police intervention. The individual was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest and detention, as well as at the time he committed the alleged crime of domestic violence.

He later hung himself, while still in police custody.

Two arrests were made for the abuse of duty, and other police structures are being investigated thoroughly. The Directorate of Professional Standards in the General Directorate of State Police has immediately launched a disciplinary investigation to ascertain who had responsibility for the implementation of standard procedures.