From: Exit News
Vetting Commission Dismissed Vlora Appeals Court Judge

Vlora Judge Hysen Saliko has been dismissed by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).

Saliko started his career in 1994 and served as the President of the Kolonje Court before being transferred to the High Council of Justice as an inspector. In 2010, he was appointed as a judge in the Vlora Court of Appeal.

He was dismissed due to issues relating to the declaration of assets. The Commission who conducted the re-evaluation process for Saliko consisted of Genta Tafa, Etelda Ciftja, and Suela Zhegu.

The judge was not able to justify the wealth he had accumulated over the years. This is one of the three criteria that members of the judiciary are evaluated on as well as reputation and professional skills.

It was found that his wealth had increased from 2.4 million (EUR 19,366)  ALL to 25 million ALL (EUR 201,422) in 14 years. This ten-fold increase consisted of bank liquidity, cash, real estate, and movable assets. The family income for this period was 45 million ALL ( EUR 362,528). A number of issues and inconsistencies were found including gifts, loans that were never repaid, and discrepancies in declarations.