From: Exit Staff
AOS and Youths Monitor Powerlines to Protect Endangered Bird Species

The Albanian Ornithological Society has organised and conducted an activity to monitor power lines in the Drinos Valley. Accompanied by 12 members of the Conservation Youth Club of Gjirokaster and Professor Gentian Hyka, the initiative aimed to assess potential threats to birds posed by the wires, and to include the younger generation in conservation action.

The team of volunteers, experts, and youths divided into two groups and were able to monitor around 10km of power lines. They observed various species of birds that use pylons and wires as perches. They included the Lesser Kestrel and the Egyptian Vulture which nests in the area and is an endangered species.

The AOS said that the introduction of electric power distribution systems in such a natural area poses a significant threat to species of birds. The creatures fly into the structures or get tangled in the wires and end up being electrocuted. They said it is important to intervene with preventative measures including encapsulating pylons and installing visual barriers

Another key aim of the project is to include the younger generation in practical projects relating to environmental monitoring and protection. AOS said that by giving youngsters the opportunity to participate in such activities, they are helping to shape a new generation of conservationists

They plan to continue monitoring power lines with a quota of 42km.