From: Exit News
Kosovo MP Calls for Three Egyptians Killed by Serb Forces to Be Buried in Martyrs’ Cemetery

Kosovo MP Veton Berisha, representing the Egyptian community, has called on state institution to rebury in the martyrs’ cemetery the three Kosovo Egyptians killed by Serb forces during the war.

On Friday, during his speech in parliament, Berisha thanked those who raised concerns about the missing name of 5-year-old girl, Elizabeta Hasani, on the Mitrovica massacre memorial. 

He added that the similar case of three Egyptians killed in the village of Poterç, Klina, by Serb forces should receive the same attention. The MP said they are martyrs, although their bodies are not buried in the martyrs’ cemetery.

“Demë Lani was killed because he didn’t accept to remove the plis [traditional Albanian cap], as well as Ymer and Metë Çuni. These are war martyrs, but they are not buried in the martyrs’ cemetery. What more can we do to be valued in Kosovo? There are 85 Egyptian soldiers who were part of the war,” he stated.

Berisha called on state institutions to correct the mistake and “show the Egyptian community the gratitude they deserve.”