From: Exit News
Coalition Ally Calls for Opposition Party to Be Included in Kosovo Government 

Coalition ally NISMA party has called for the inclusion of the second largest opposition Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) to be included in the government. 

Deputy Prime Minister Albulena Balaj-Halimaj of the NISMA told KosovaPress that PDK’s presence in the coalition is necessary for the strengthening of the government’s position in the dialogue with Serbia, and support for those indicted by the war crimes prosecution, including President Hashim Thaci.

“We are of the opinion that the PDK should also be part of this government. Because we want to stand unified at the dialogue with Serbia,” Balaj-Halimaj stated.

The PDK was founded in 1999 and presided by Hashim Thaci until 2016, when he had to resign to become Kosovo’s President.

The deputy prime minister also slammed coalition ally Alliance for the Future of Kosovo party, whose leader Ramush Haradinaj has voiced criticism against Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti regarding the dialogue and border protection. Balaj-Halimaj advised the AAK to leave the coalition if they no longer trust the prime minister.

Speaking of the opposition Vetevendosje initiative to launch a no-confidence motion against the government, the deputy prime minister said it was doomed to fail because, despite internal disagreements on various issues, the coalition won’t break.

Vetevendosje started to collect signatures for a no-confidence vote after one of the MPs supporting the government was sentenced to prison, and after Haradinaj’s repeated criticism against the government.

A successful no-confidence motion would need 61 votes. Vetevendosje has 31 votes, PDK has 24. 

The Hoti Government was voted in with only 61 votes, the minimum required, but several MPs of coalition parties voted against or abstained.