From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Opposition Leader Asks for Foreign Aid to Prevent ‘Humanitarian Catastrophe’

Opposition leader Albin Kurti has asked foreign ambassadors in Kosovo to support hospitals with medical equipment and human resources to fight the coronavirus.

In an open letter to foreign ambassadors on Monday, the former prime minister warned that the current crisis could turn into a humanitarian catastrophe in autumn, if the government management of the crisis does not improve with the help of international partners.

“I publicly ask you and your country to support Kosova’s healthcare institutions with the necessary medical equipment and human resources to enable us to prevent a health crisis from turning into a humanitarian catastrophe,” he stated.

Kurti pointed at the recent statistics in new cases, stressing that in the last two weeks, Kosovo has seen an average of 10 deaths per day, making it the country with most deaths per million inhabitants worldwide.

He also stressed the fact that nearly 50 percent of people test positive every day in Kosovo, and that 1,183 healthcare workers have also tested positive. 

“The virus itself is not of the government’s making, but the failure to respond responsibly is a direct result of its gross incompetence, putting our entire country at risk” Kurti wrote.

The Kurti Government left Kosovo on June 3 with 30 deaths and 1,142 cases.

Nine weeks after the Hoti Government took power, the country has registered 341 deaths and 10,419 cases.


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