From: Exit News
Albania Coronavirus Update 12 August: 3 Dead, 141 New Cases

3 people infected with Covid-19 have died in Albania in the last 24 hours. A 66-year old and a 67-year old from Tirana, as well as a 65-year old from Elbasan succumbed to the virus, bringing the total number of victims to 208.

141 new cases have been found, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic to 6817, the Ministry of Health reported.

This marks the highest number of infected cases ever reported in a day.

The new cases were found in Tirana (51), Kavaja (14), Fier (12), Kamza (10), Kukës (6), Kruja (4), Kurbin (4), Mirdita (4), Shkodra (2), Korça (2), Elbasan (2), Tepelena (2), Bulqiza (2), Durrës (1), Lezha (1), Lushnja (1), and Vlora (1).

72 people have recovered, bringing the total to 3552.

2991 cases are still active in the country, about half of them in Tirana.

Over 47,000 people have been tested since March, including serological (antibody) tests.

There are currently 116 patients hospitalized with the virus, 20 are in intensive care, 4 are intubated in aggravated condition.


In case you notice symptoms of the virus, call the National Emergency number 127.

Citizens can also call the Green Line at 0800 40 40 for psychological counselling or any information regarding COVID-19.