From: Exit News
Divorce Rate in Albania Spiked after Coronavirus Lockdown

Albania saw a spike in divorce rates during the last three months, following the coronavirus lockdown. 

The country’s reopening starting from May on was accompanied by an increased number of divorce requests filed with courts.

During the lockdown, March-April period, 72 divorce requests were filed. However, the number increased significantly during the following May-July period, after the lockdown, reaching 353 divorce requests filed, Ora News reported.

This means that the monthly average divorce rate before and after the lockdown more than tripled.  

Solved monthly cases also more than tripled: courts solved 50 cases in March-April, and 247 cases in the May-July period.

In over 80 percent of cases, divorce suits were filed by women, and the main cause was violence.

In the March-April period, police issued 106 protective orders for victims of abuse and violence, but the number increased to 250 in the following three months.