From: Exit Staff
Kosovo Parliament Adopts Law to Fight Pandemics  

Kosovo parliament has adopted a law to prevent and fight pandemics, amids a dire situation with COVID-19 in the country.

On Friday, 77 MPs in the 120-seat parliament voted to adopt the Law on Prevention and Fight against Communicable Diseases pushed forward by Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani and five other MPs.

The law was drafted in April, following the Constitutional Court’s ruling against restrictions imposed by the Kurti Government, which were found to infringe on fundamental rights and freedoms due to lack of a comprehensive law to justify them.

The new law was drafted in April but several parties, including the majority, hesitated to vote for it until today. 

It provides authorities with the necessary legal tools to take preventive measures and fights pandemics throughout all territory, impose necessary restrictions on freedoms and human rights in line with the constitution, as well as fines of up to €500 for not complying with government measures.

The coronavirus situation in Kosovo has been worsening since June, with the death toll increasing from about 30 to 381.