From: Exit Staff
Albanian Lipstick Sales Take a Hit during the Pandemic and Lockdown Period

Sales of makeup have dropped in Albania since the outbreak of COVID-19 according to data from Farmasi Albania and the General Directorate of Customs.

Due to two months of lockdown at home, followed by mandatory mask-wearing in enclosed spaces,  both sales and the import of makeup has decreased. 

Prior to the pandemic market sales were divided 65% for makeup products and 35% for personal care and house cleaning. Now, Farmasi Albania said that 65% of sales are for personal care and house cleaning products and 35% is for makeup. According to Customs, the import of makeup products fell 6.5% over the last six months, triggered at the start of lockdown.

But after quarantine ended, the demand for these products noted an increase.

In terms of specific products, during the lockdown, the use of face creams, lipsticks and perfumes decreased while shampoo and household cleaning detergents increased significantly. Farmasi Albania said the decrease in lipstick sales was likely due to the need to wear a mask.