From: Exit News
10-Year-Old Killed by Ambulance after Queuing for Two Days at Greek Border

A 10-year-old Albanian boy was killed by a speeding ambulance on Saturday, while queuing on the way to the border with Greece.

The boy and his family had been waiting for two days in the over 25-kilometre-long queue to cross the Kakavija border checkpoint.

Thousands of Albanians living in Greece have been waiting for four days to go back home and resume work, but only 750 people are allowed to pass every day at the Kakavija checkpoint.

They have called on the Albanian government to solve the issue with Greek authorities.

The government has replied that they should not travel to Greece unless it is necessary.

Prime Minister Edi Rama tweeted from holidays that queues are the same in all Greek borders at this time.

However, no 25-km-long queue has been reported elsewhere.