From: Alice Taylor
Albania’s National Theatre Added to “Wall of Shame” Due to Demolition, Rama, Veliaj, and Municipal Council Noted as Responsible

The National Theater which was demolished on 17 May has been added to the ‘Wall of Shame’ of monuments irreparably destroyed by the state, by the global cultural heritage preservation organization ARCH .

The ‘Wall of Shame’ project aims to publish the names of those who endanger or destroy cultural heritage around the world, which should rightfully belong to all and be preserved for future generations.

The American organization has published the history of the National Theater building and has listed all the senior officials who decided to demolish it, as well as the world-famous architect Bjarke Ingels who is creating the project that will stand in its place.

Among the causes are Prime Minister Edi Rama, Mayor Erion Veliaj, Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro and Elva Margarita, members of the Municipal Council who approved the demolition of the theatre, leaders of the Institute of Monuments, leaders of ALUIZNI, the company Fusha shpk, and many others.

The Cultural Heritage Restoration Alliance (ARCH) is known worldwide for conservation, restoration, and awareness actions and includes a network of professional partners from various fields, with entities specializing in the restoration and reconstruction of damaged monuments.