From: Exit Staff
Macedonian Parties Close to Governing Coalition Deal

Political parties in North Macedonia are expected to form a governing coalition on Tuesday, following the July 15 general elections.

The Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) of former prime minister Zoran Zaev and the Albanian party Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) of Ali Ahmeti will meet tomorrow to finalize their coalition agreement.

In a press release on Monday, the BDI announced that their teams have been successfully drafting a deal for days. Zaev and Ahmeti will meet to finalize and sign it.

The SDSM won 46 seats, BDI 15 seats in the 120-seat parliament of North Macedonia. Their 61 votes are just enough to form a new government.

Other parties gaining parliamentary seats were VMRO-DPMNE (44), Alliance for Albanians (12), Levica (2), and the Democratic party of Albanians (1).

The largest Albanian party BDI ran in elections with the promise to exert pressure to elect the first Albanian prime minister.They presented Naser Zyberi as their candidate. It’s not clear whether they will stick to this promise given that President Stevo Pendarovski has already mandated Zaev to form a new cabinet.