From: Exit Staff
SPAK Investigation Into Alleged Cocaine Use by Mayor of Bulqize Closed

SPAK has ceased the investigation into the Mayor of Bulqiza Lefter All who was being probed for possession of narcotics.

The investigation commenced after a video was made public which appeared to show All taking cocaine in a bar. Alla denied that it was him in the video and testified as such to the Prosecutor.

He then underwent a drug test which came out negative. Cocaine can be detected for 2 days in the blood, 2 days in saliva, 4 days in urine, and up to 90 days in the hair. It’s not known which test Alla took.

SPAK then took the decision to close the case as they say there is no criminal evidence to support any allegations of wrongdoing.

Socialist Party mayor Alla had initially said the video was edited by the opposition because of the good job he has done in his position.

In November 2019, Alla’s son was arrested by police in Tirana with drugs in his car but the incident was kept quiet and he was later released.