From: Exit Staff
Lavrov to Rama: Putin Urged Lukashenko to Accept OSCE Mediation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to accept the OSCE mediation following opposition protests over rigged elections in Belarus.

Top Channel reported the news after Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov talked with his Albanian counterpart and OSCE Chair-in-Office Edi Rama over the phone for half an hour over the Belarus situation.

AFP journalist Sylvie Kauffmann also tweeted that Macron and Merkel have discussed the issue with Putin, and all agreed on the OSCE mediating between stakeholders, but Lukashenko was reluctant after Putin’s suggestion.

Albanian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Edi Rama offered Belarus for the OSCE to mediate the crisis together with the next OSCE CiO, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Linde. The EU and US have supported the proposal.