From: Exit Staff
Albanian Dating App Set to Diversify into Business and Assistance Matching

Started by an Albanian, the dating app is set to launch several new apps in the new year.

The app currently has some 200,000 members spread throughout the global Albanian diaspora. For now, only the dating app is live but founder Valon Asani is planning to go live with some new concepts in 2021.

“Dating represents only a small percentage of our goals,” he told BIRN, adding that the plan is to create a global, connected community of Albanians wherever they may live.

The projects in the pipeline include and, both scheduled for early 2021. will give assistance to Albanians travelling abroad as students, tourists, or those seeking employment. It will connect them with other Albanians living in the area who can help with applying for residence documents, filing taxes or finding a place to live. will connect Albanian-owned businesses across the planet including those in the diaspora and those still in the Balkans. It’s hoped that this will bring revenue, create new jobs, and facilitate a product-driven economy in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Dua is headquartered in Switzerland but also has an office in Kosovo. The company has plans to open in Tirana as well as other places in the region where Albanians live.

“Although we’re Kosovo Albanians, we don’t want to be known as a Kosovar company but as a company of Albanians”, Asani said.