From: Exit News
Former Kosovo Democratic Party MP Summoned to The Hague for Interview on KLA

Latif Gashi, a former MP of the Democratic Party of Kosovo has been summoned for an interview by The Hague.

Gashi announced the news on his Facebook account, adding that the meeting will take place on 27 August.

“I inform you that today I received a phone call from an investigator from the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague for an inquiry that will take place on August 27, 2020.”

He said that the questions would centre around the formation of the KLA and the KLA war for Kosovo’s independence from Serbia. Gashi noted he had been involved in Kosovo’s independence and subsequent state-building as well. He reiterated that he would once again prove that the war fought by the KLA was just and legal.

“I and my fellow fighters will prove this time that the Kosovo Liberation Army War was a decisive right and will remain so…Even this time we will win and with pride and dignity to have changed history from slavery to freedom.”

“We triumphed thanks to the support of the people of Kosovo and abroad, the blood of the martyrs and the US-led NATO assistance,” he concluded.The Democratic Party of Kosovo reiterated their support for him and his “patriotic activity”.