From: Exit Staff
Municipalities, Police, and Local Structures Called on to Do More to Fight Albanian Forest Fires

The National Civil Protection Agency sent two letters to 61 municipalities, 12 prefects and the State Police regarding the situation of fires in the country.

According to the letter of AKMC, made public by the Ministry of Defense, it is stated that according to preliminary data, this period is problematic for cases of arson and those addressed must take measures to cope with the fires.

“Fires have created emergency situations, coordination and collaboration between structures is needed”, said the letter.

The AKMC has called on municipalities to take comprehensive measures to prevent and minimize fire damage. AKMC requires mayors to use all operational capacities at the county level.

“Local government to provide real-time information on the occurrence of fires. Municipalities to conduct mandatory training for employees on fire situations. Municipalities to be on alert and use all firefighting capacities. According to the law, the municipalities, the volunteers and the citizens themselves, have the capacity to extinguish the fires”, it is further stated in the letter.

AKMC also addressed the State Police, saying that there is an urgent need to bring the arsonists to justice

“Measures should be taken to detect the perpetrators of fires, whether intentionally or through negligence. Arsonists should be punished according to the provisions of the Criminal Code. Finding the perpetrators reduces the number and size of fires. Punishing the perpetrators makes citizens aware that arson is a crime. Coordination with local government and elders to identify perpetrators. To follow with priority the arsons by informing the public about their perpetrators “, the letter concludes.