From: Exit Staff
Police Arrests for Sexual Harassment of a Minor, Drugs Offences, and Domestic Violence Against Mother

Police in Kavaja have arrested a 60-year-old man for sexually abusing a minor. Sources from the police told the media that the individual had sexually harassed the child but was arrested swiftly.

Police had a busy weekend after they arrested 13 people in just 24 hours.

Asides from the above case they also arrested two individuals for possession of drugs, one for assaulting his brother and another for hospitalising another citizen during a dispute.

A 50-year-old was arrested for physically assaulting his mother and another for the theft of multiple bicycles. Two other citizens were arrested for driving offences.

This morning, police in Tirana arrested two young men who are accused of using a minor for prostitution. Both of the men who have a previous criminal record are accused of forcing the 17-year-old to engage in prostitution, raping her, and threatening her family.