From: Exit Staff
Serbia Has Returned Only One of 1248 Cultural Artifacts Stolen from Kosovo

Serbia has returned only one of an estimated 1248 artifacts it has forcibly removed from Kosovo during the 1998-99 war. These artifact are now exhibited in Serbia’s main museums.

“Goddess on the Throne ” is the only one returned to Kosovo 18 years ago. The small terracotta figurine dating back to the sixth or fifth millennium BC is now located in the Museum of Kosovo.

Despite the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue since 2011, Serbia has not agreed to return artifacts stolen during the war.

Kosovo’s Koha newspaper talked to experts regarding the possible return and whether the ropic should be discussed int he dialogue.  

Enver Rexha, head of Kosovo’s Institute of Archaeology said that the return of artifacts can only be achieved through an agreement between the two countries.

Sadik Krasniqi from the Museum of Kosovo added that the country’s institutions are neglecting the issue.

Another expert, Arben Hajdari, an archaeology professor at the University of Pristina, maintains that discussing the topic at this very moment in the dialogue with Serbia is not advantageous for Kosovo. 

Serbia returned the “Goddess to the Throne” to Kosovo in 2002 following pressure by Michael Steiner, head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).